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  • Here's what happened to her.
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    May 15, 2023 · This is what Peter Gibbons ultimately learns: how to take control of his own life and stop blaming his unhappiness on Lumbergh and Initech.

  • The end result is an annoying woman who could karate-chop her way out of street brawl but would be clueless at leading a team of men into battle.
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  • Kim Tae-ri co-stars as Captain Jang, an engineer who was adopted through the UTS Genius Program and once led a pirate organization as a teenager.
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    After snatching a crashed space shuttle in the latest debris chase, Spaceship Victory\'s crew members find a 7-year-old girl inside.

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  • Jo Sung-hee's new Netflix movie, Space Sweepers, is a South Korean space epic with an impressive cast that includes veterans and newcomers alike.
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    It’s not that Lumbergh and Initech weren’t awful.

  • It’s not that Lumbergh and Initech weren’t awful.
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