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I’ll take Reservoir Dogs for it’s ability to prevent me from looking away. .
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    One of the most noticeable things about these two movies is that neither of them has a discernible main character.

  • The plot is fantastic and the non linear story telling has never been done better.
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    With such works as Reservoir Dogs (1992), the Kill Bill duology, and Django Unchained.

  • I like to think it is.
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  • Answer (1 of 5): FACTS: Both are set in LA by the early 90's.
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    I just randomly remembered Pulp Fiction, and then immediately Reservoir Dogs; two of Quentin Tarantino's finest works.

  • Does that.
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    is pulp fiction and reservoir dogs connected? I've heard they're connected cause of Vincent and Vic Vega being brothers and Mr.

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    Reservoir Dogs Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Jackie Brown Numbers 3 - 7 are almost impossible for me to rank.