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When you wish to express your affection for someone, you say, “Te amo. Livin’ for a siesta.
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  • 12) “There is no night life in Spain.
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    Lots of inspirational quotes in Spanish about friendship are aimed to highlight the advantages of having great friends.

  • Viajar, te deja sin palabras y luego te convierte en un narrador de historias.
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    Madrid memories.

  • – Octavio Paz.
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    By using some of these quotes in your posts, you can add a bit of personality and culture to your account, and help others learn more.

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  • Love is like water that never evaporates.
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    Un mundo nace cuando dos se besan.

  • I’m not a selfie person, but I am a people person.
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    A world is born when two people kiss.